Five Acres Primary

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School Meals

Due to our current covid risk assessment, children are required to eat their lunches in their classrooms. The Key Stage One hall will be closed for lunch so we will not be able to offer a full range of hot meals every day.

Our temporary menu will be a choice of sandwiches (Cheese/Ham/Egg Mayo/Tuna Mayo) or jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings (Cheese/Tuna Mayo).

At least twice a week there will be ‘specials’ such as pizza on Mondays and fish and chips on a Friday. We will keep you updated about these, so please bear with us as we change to a new arrangement.

If your circumstances have changed and you think you may be eligible for Free School Meals outside of the universal eligibility, then please complete the application form and email it back to This will be sent off for checking and if you are eligible you will be notified.

School FSM letter to parents
Registration form for FSM and Pupil Premium